​Logic [loj-ik] - principles of reasoning and sound judgement

​Core Values are the guiding principles that outline our business goals - what we want to stand for and what we want our team (and partners) to strive to be the best at.  These are a part of our culture, and how we evaluate our performance and success.  

And it happens to be a clever acronym...






-  Committed to listening and remaining focused on our client’s goals and objectives - we help to physically build a tool for our clients to accomplish their goals.

-  We have designed hundreds of projects from backyard pergolas to large commercial developments, worked with many municipalities and overcome hurdles to successfully deliver for our clients – it is our responsibility as leaders to share our experiences and anticipate potential hurdles whenever possible.

-  Lead by example, with integrity, and accountability for our decisions and actions.

-  We have the courage to not always support the popular answer or solution; we are committed to finding the right solution for our client, staying open-minded throughout the process, and reaching out to our partners for specialist expertise when beneficial.  (see “collaborate” below)

-  Often the project team “core”; staying organized, timely, proactive and a source of open and honest communication is essential to success.
-  Keep small firm simplicity – client and partnership focused, budget conscious, value driven and no bureaucracy.
-  Prepared for and engaged in meetings; always strategically planning to deliver milestones on schedule.

​-  You, our client, are the most important component to our firm’s success – we are committed to not forgetting that.
-  Appreciative of the relationships and partnerships we have, and the values that each bring to the team.
-  As a business, maintain a culture that attracts, develops, & retains the best talent to serve our clients.

-  Constantly exploring value engineering and cost avoidance solutions.
-  Frequently implement process and procedural improvements to more efficiently support change management and speed to market.
-  Like any designer, we like exploring new innovative products.  We consider risks, benefits, and understand the technical and budget impacts prior to making aesthetic decisions.

-  Dedicate time to developing strong partnerships, and selecting synergetic project teams.
-  We empower our partners to share their expertise and contribute their opinions and experiences.
-  Build teams specific to each project, with appropriate and timely involvement from civil, structural, MEP, and GC partners.